Itaca is born from the over fifteen years' experience of two professionals in the environmental field. The gained experience during the years it has been very successful and profitable. Itaca has the core competencies, experience, expertise, innovative technologies, as well as skilled consultants to address the needs of the national and international environmental and energy opportunities. Itaca identifies strategic market sectors and areas of significant opportunity that are potential targets of pursuit in the national and international Market. They include the market sectors of Oil and Gas, Energy, Environmental Services, and the areas of soil remediation, contaminated sediments, waste minimization, ground water treatment, and other environmental areas of opportunity consistent with Itaca’s experience and capabilities. Therefore, Itaca is dealing with commercial, legal and technical consultancy. The Company supports private and public clients by providing solutions focused on environment, wastewater, wastes, energy and business strategies development. Itaca is able to provide sustainable solutions to its clients, using its long-time experience to address regulatory requirements, state-of-the-art technology, and examine financial options. It also provides assistance in the documents preparation for public and private tenders (national and international). Itaca has commercial relationships with national and international companies which work for some of the most important companies in Italy and abroad, including but not limited to ENI, Edison, Enel, Saipem, Syndial, Tetra Tech Inc., Isab/Lukoil etc

Itaca offers assistance and support in the supplier qualification processes both local public administration and private companies including but not limited to: ENI S.p.A, Edison S.p.A, ENEL S.p.A, Saipem S.p.A, A2A S.p.A etc. supporting the companies to choose the most suitable commodities codes according the specific company’s core business, assessing together with them the application in detail, helping them to achieve the goals as quickly as possible. Thanks to its experience, Itaca is able to meet the specific needs of its clients with their main customers. This is the reason why some of Itaca’s clients have become its partners. In this way, Itaca creates and manages the commercial relationship with the main client giving support to its business partner in writing the agreements, jointventures, legal contracts, technical specifications and so on.

This is the reason why, Itaca is able to satisfy the main customer request giving a global service (know-how, skills, means and equipment) in terms of quality, cost savings and shared vision. At the same time, Itaca maintains its own peculiarity as a consulting firm. Last but not least, we support those companies which are dealing with special hazardous and non-hazardous wastes in the identification of foreign plants for recovery or disposal, in writing the cross-border notification dossier and management of the approval procedure.




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